Postcard Advertising

When used as an introductory tactic of a marketing campaign, direct mail will attract an audience of home improvement clients. Direct mail should be attractive, pertinent and promote your website and brand.  We recommend sending a minimum of six cards annually. Think of direct mail as an establishing an awareness of your firm that's used to drive prospects back to your website.  Once they arrive at a website landing page, capture their contact information so that you can answer their most important questions and demonstrate your expertise. We used this technique as part of a content marketing strategy and the results were phenomenal.

Direct mail can be an excellent marketing tactic when used as a lead source for automated email marketing but without that important next step in your marketing process, direct mail will not provide the results you might expect. Review our direct mail pricing page and we will get a quote to you within 24 hours.

Direct Mail Created as part of a content marketing program at Canterbury Shaker Village

Mail Your Portfolio

Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.
— Leo Burnett, Founder of Leo Burnett Company

At a time when most firms just link to an online portfolio, a professional brochure featuring a portfolio of your work positions your brand above your competition.  Physical portfolios highlight your skills and demonstrate your design aesthetic to potential customers in a tangible, tactile way. But like all marketing tactics, there are high-quality printed, even book-like pieces that convey luxury, and there are tacky trifold that equates your services to that of a Chinese restaurant, tire retailer, or insurance sales person.

Vistaprint, Staples, and FedEx are not your best choice here.  High-quality paper stock, odd sizing, translucent overlays, stitched binding and embossed convey exceptionalism and should be considered. Reserve this elegant marketing piece for serious prospects, for example, opportunities regarding high-value projects.  Because of the cost and what's on the line, copywriting and image choice must be a serious consideration. As with great design, in most cases, less is more.

We build hardcover portfolios for our clients using printers like Paper Chase Press. When considering the marketing cost of getting a prospect to decision, a printed portfolio can be a persuasive tipping point. We will work with you to craft a portfolio that can be presented as a leave behind when meeting with a prospect. An 8" x 10" hardcover portfolio with a linen cover, stay flat binding, silk coated pages, and a bookmark ribbon costs less than $60 each. Optional features such as a hard copy proof, logo embossing, dust jackets, inside cover pockets and shrink wrapping are available. Designing the portfolio is a separate cost that requires a conversation to determine.

Contact us to discuss your project. (603) 289-6616. When weighed against the value of winning a project, a portfolio is a small expense.