Why Video SEO Must Be Part Of Your Visual Marketing

Yes, even the videos you use to tell your marketing story can be optimized for search engines

Yes, even the videos you use to tell your marketing story can be optimized for search engines

Google, Bing, and Yahoo can’t see images, moving or still. By not provide keywords within the content, description and alternative tag areas of your video and picture hosting platforms, your images unable to come up in search results.

Video SEO means optimizing videos in a manner that will allow rank it to rank higher on search engines. The time is right to start creating videos that get your company out ahead of the search engine curve. Here’s why! There may only be a couple of thousand of videos that are related to keywords that are associated with the type of visual content you would like to promote. Compare this to the hundreds of thousands of web pages that contain the same keywords and you can see that by posting video’s on your website with the proper search engine optimization techniques reduces your odds of attracting qualified leads who are seeking the keywords you want to be known for.

Though it's impossible to guarantee results, reaching page one of a Google search engine results page is more likely with videos than it is with website pages. Videos are also fifty times more likely to be clicked on that a mere text page.

Google’s YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Despite the prevalent myth, YouTube is used to search for many more business related topics than Cute Cat videos. Though, don’t discount humor as a way of attracting new clients. If you haven’t seen the Dollar Shave Club videos, it is a must. With  $1 million in seed funding and five full-time employees, Dollar Shave Club is succeeding against personal care giants like Schick, Gillette, and Bic. A recent Fast Company article put it this way,

“Unlike traditional TV advertising, people are watching Dollar Shave Club video because they want to; not because they have to. The 94-second spot is entertaining, engaging, and hilarious--featuring shots of CEO Michael Dubin riding a forklift, dancing with a bear, and avowing that “Our blades are f------ great!” With such a creative approach, the company has won itself a captive online audience online, rather than the passive and relatively disconnected audience that TV delivers.” 

We highly recommend using videos to improve the visibility of your organization, strengthen your brand. A two-minute video that answers the predominant questions asked by your prospects will give you a greater number of chances to secure clients.

There is a variety of reasons to create videos including

  • Ranking and Conversion
  • Back Linking and Sharing
  • Brand Impression and Notoriety

Be sure to fill out all of the available content areas with keyword rich descriptions and transcripts of your video and when loading your videos onto YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo and ultimately your website.  Garth Davies of WordTracker offers these five reasons for including video as part of your search and content development strategies.

  1. Video can make your pages more sticky
  2. Videos can help your product rank
  3. Videos get links
  4. Video as content creation
  5. Website Traffic

If you keep the above video search engine optimization hints top of mind when developing your visual marketing strategy, you can ensure your video marketing campaigns are successful. If you require more robust analytics tools, better hosting options and assistance with transcripts for you might want to consider using a paid hosting package from a company like Wistia, which provides a freemium model and an ongoing competitive yearly subscription. You may not wish to create the world's most beloved viral cat video but when video when done with SEO in mind, can boost your marketing efforts.

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