Why Home Improvement Pros Should Be Building Marketing Videos

Marketing a Home Improvement Firm With Video

It has never been easier for home improvement professionals to create marketing videos

Marketing videos are not new to home improvement professionals. Just think about how long This old House has been broadcasting. The process of creating home improvement marketing videos has changed for the better over the last few years. Today, more remodel firms, and design-build businesses are taking advantage of readily accessible video creation tools such as Animoto to create their very own ads for social media and to add interest to their website. Recent reports from Animoto and the Social Media Examiner both indicate that Facebook and YouTube continue to generate lead opportunities and will be a source of new clients in the coming year. 

The Social Video Forecast

Animoto's 2016 Social Video Forecast notes that more than 3/4 of companies who have used video marketing in the last year can attribute real returns directly to those videos. As software and equipment for creating videos become more available, Small and medium sized businesses are actively seeking employees who are skilled in video creation and promotion, rather than relying on email and text based marketing alone. Also, more than 44% of companies also plan on using paid promotions for their videos to give them greater reach and increase the chances of striking that viral note. 

The Big Picture for Video

Based on the Social Media Examiner's 2016 Social Media Marketing Industry Report all signs point to a burgeoning video industry. As many as 84% of professional marketers have already begun relying on video for their clients, and 55% of small and medium-sized businesses owners have used video as well. Marketing videos are becoming more and more of a necessity and less of a luxury over time, so many home improvement professionals have already stated their commitment to invest in more video technology for 2017. 

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Where To Turn to Promote Marketing Videos

Overwhelmingly, Facebook is the primary platform used to promote and share marketing videos today. However, YouTube is also a useful tool as they have added more paid video promotion options. Instagram is also seeing huge gains in marketing videos, particularly for companies that sell high-value services. Other channels include Snapchat, Twitter, and LinkedIn where video has been slower to gain traction.

An example of a one-minute video created for a Realtor client's website. 

Keeping Up with the Competition

Despite the fact that 84% of small businesses are currently using marketing videos, less than half of them feel that they are keeping up with current video trends. The number of home improvement firms who are keeping up is even smaller. As a result, both groups are doing more research to get ahead of the trends and create videos that reach the heart of their audience. This includes testing new platforms, hiring outside talent, and getting more creative with their messaging. 

Ultimately, video marketing is becoming more accessible, with many tools that you can use without any formal training. It is also a quickly developing industry, so home improvement companies like remodelers, design-build firms and kitchen and bath design firms who aren't fast to act will likely be outpaced by competitors. The importance of video marketing applies across all residential remodeling industries and provides an excellent way to showcase recent renovation projects, promote the company brand, and answer questions in a friendly, personable manner. Home improvement professionals should be looking for ways to highlight their skills and create informative videos using the most popular social sites at their disposal.

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