Who Said Houzz Was Easy? How Remodelers Can Attract Better Clients

How To Market Construction and Remodeling Services on Houzz

How To Market Construction and Remodeling Services on Houzz

Houzz has quickly established itself as the go-to social network for homeowners, remodelers, design-build firms, interior designers, landscape architects and other home-related businesses. Like any social network, it takes time and effort to get it right and reap the benefits. Setting up a Houzz profile is straightforward, you set up a profile page, add some photos and testimonials and you're up and running. But to experience the benefits of sixty-million active users who are on the site searching for the exact services your business offers, you'll need to dig a little bit deeper.

Is your Houzz profile producing for you? Are you fielding inquiries from homeowners for remodeling projects? Are you engaging with users and building your brand? Are you linking your projects back to your website? If not, there are a few simple adjustments and best practices you can employ that will boost your profile's visibility, help you stand out from the competition and leverage the power of Houzz for your remodeling business!

1. Complete Your Houzz Profile!

A complete Houzz profile with keywords you want to be found for is the best way to stand out from your competitors. While the Houzz search engine's algorithm is a secret, it does use the information you provide to determine your search ranking when users search the site for remodelers. While they won't give explicit information, company representatives emphasize that a completed profile receives more search traffic, so complete your profile!

Go beyond the minimum requirements. Make your profile page a go-to destination for users seeking information. Build a large photo gallery with high-quality pictures (Do not use a cell phone) and update it frequently to keep visitors coming back. Create boards that address common remodeling questions and offer solutions!

2. Post Plenty of Photos and Complete Descriptions

Houzz is visually driven. Users go to the site to view and collect pictures of completed projects to develop design ideas for their homes. Photos keep users on your profile, encourage engagement and can help to define your brand. Photos also help your search ranking. Make sure to use photos of completed spaces as Houzz looks favorably on those types of pics. Make sure to always fill out the description field! Include everything you can about your photos; colors, textures, materials used, shapes, furniture, appliances, basically any relevant words that a user might use to find a business like yours! Always use the highest quality images you can and make them a minimum of 2400 pixels in width. This can help you to get visibility by being featured on the Ideabooks homepage!

3. Engage With Users

Like LinkedIn or Facebook, Houzz is a social media platform, so be social! Visit discussion boards and start discussions, engage with users and followers. Get into conversations and offer solutions to homeowners having remodeling issues. It's a great way to build thought leadership, trust, and added visibility for your brand! 70% of comments and questions on social media go unanswered. Set your company apart and promptly answer questions and respond to comments.

4. Create Ideabooks and Share them with Clients

Ideabooks are a core feature of Houzz and one of the most useful tools on the site. They are a virtual file folder that allows you to group images that exemplify a particular idea, or project. They're a great way for pros and homeowners to communicate and develop a shared vision and language for a project.

Your goal is to get as many of your photos into user's Ideabooks as possible. This helps you to gain social proof on the site, relevance for a category and can also boost your search ranking.

Houzz is a great way to get your remodeling business in front of 15 million active users who are searching for businesses like yours. With a little effort and some simple tweaks to your profile, you can increase your visibility on the site and drive traffic that can help turn your profile into a lead-generating powerhouse. Using these tips and best practices can help you to grow your business by generating high-quality leads and improve your organic search results on Houzz giving your brand greater visibility.

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