When Does It Make Sense To Advertise An Architectural Firm On Houzz Pro +

Does Houzz Pro+ Make Sense For Architects?

Does Houzz Pro+ Make Sense For Architects?

Houzz Pro+ Advertising ensures your firm shows up when users search for your services, but if your profile is not complete and project images have incomplete descriptions, it will not be as effective.

Your architectural firm's website is only one facet of an inbound marketing strategy. In order to drive traffic, you need to use other online channels. From social media like Facebook, to PPC advertising, email, and blogging, each of the elements work together to build your brand and increase your ability to get found online.

One online platform that is a proven driver for businesses in the home industry is Houzz. Houzz allows professionals in the home industry to set-up a free profile., much like Facebook or other social sites. The difference is that Houzz is directed to and visited by millions of homeowners seeking services like architecture. Houzz is searchable, visual, and free for home industry businesses and professionals.

You create a profile containing information on your business, photos of projects, contact information and more. Homeowners considering a project use Houzz to compile photos, design ideas and product information as they research and develop their vision. Visitors can engage onsite with home pros as they ask questions and seek more information.

All of this functionality, including linking and social engagement, is free. Houzz also offers a paid service called Houzz Pro+ that offers added visibility. With Pro+ you get to target local homeowners in your community who are seeking architectural services as well as receive exclusive placement on both the Houzz website and mobile platforms along with enhanced SERP placement. You can also list your business in multiple categories and locations to increase your reach.

Let's explore some of the differences between Houzz free and Pro+  to help you determine of Pro+ is right for your business.

First, Fully Develop Your Houzz Profile

Your Houzz profile will determine your success on the site. Complete your profile, make sure you include ideabooks, and project pages. Explore the platform and see what other architectural firms have done. Make sure you use the site completely, engage with visitors and keep your profile dynamic to give visitors a chance to learn about your company. This is important whether you choose to become a Pro+ member, or not.

Houzz Pro+ will help you to gain more local exposure for your firm, but the algorithm used is very influenced by the quality of your profile. This is why it's important to completely build it out before you even consider Pro+. The quality of your profile will determine your placement on SERP pages. The more thoroughly you develop your profile and learn the platform, the more benefits you'll experience as a Pro+ member.

The Pros and Cons of Pro+

There are definite benefits to becoming a Houzz Pro+ member, but there are some shortfalls to consider. Let's look at some of the pros and cons.

1. Increased Visibility
Houzz Pro+ will expose you to more Houzz users. Homeowners searching for architectural services in your area are more likely to see your profile. This is why it's important to make sure     you have a complete, dynamic profile. In any site search, Houzz lists a number of professionals on each SERP page. Ten of the top spots are reserved for Pro+ members.

2. List Under Multiple Categories and Locations
An organic Houzz profile allows you to list your business under one category and one location. Houzz Pro+ allows you to list under more than one category when appropriate (for example Architectural Services, Engineering Services) and more than one location. 

3. Advanced Analytics
Pro+ analytics are deeper and allows you to see how your profile and pictures are performing. You can gain valuable insight into what is engaging visitors and then adjust your profile accordingly.


1. The Cost
If you are working with a limited budget, Pro+ may not be right for you.

2. Tracking Leads
Social media is not generally a lead generator. Houzz is different because users are seeking specific information. That being said, if you're paying for a premium service you want more out of it. Unfortunately at this time Houzz Pro+ cannot differentiate between leads generated organically, or through Houzz Pro+.

3. Photo Impressions
Houzz is a photo driven format, even more so than most social platforms. Pro+ seems to increase profile impressions and clicks, which makes sense, but it doesn't seem to make a difference when it comes to photo impressions, which is the key driver of the platform.

The fact is, more impressions and greater visibility will increase your chances of getting leads. Generally, Pro+ users get more traffic. If you're just getting started on the platform, or have a small budget you may want to wait before jumping into Pro+. If you have a well-developed profile and have had success on Houzz it may be worth checking out Pro+. Either way, a free Houzz profile is a must and will allow you to engage with the community, build authority and drive traffic to your architectural firm's website.

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