What Makes You Stand Out On Houzz? The Right Keywords!

Using Keywords on a Squarespace Website

Using Keywords On Your Houzz Project Pages

Professional remodeling company, Kempton Construction used Means-of-Production to create a keyword rich Houzz profile.

Search engines are pretty smart. They know what you're looking for; they know what to advertise to you; they know how to plug in the rest of our thoughts with just a couple of strokes of your keyboard. They scour your website for contextualized long tail keywords and they penalize those companies that try and scam the system.

How do they know so much?  Keyword optimization is, well, key to your success in getting found online.  Keyword optimization is almost as important as your branding itself.  What a lot of people struggle with is finding a way to fit the proper keyword density into blogs or other pieces of content without going overboard.  Standing out on Houzz is no different from trying to find yourself at the top of any other search engine result page (SERP).  People already know what they're looking for, so they want to be looking at content that delivers their desired goals.  If you've properly placed your keywords, search engines will be able to deliver your service directly to your potential consumers.

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Search engines look for keyword optimization to tell your customers a few key things such as:

Use Keywords To Explain What You Do

You want to very clearly spell out what you do.  Are you an interior designer that specializes in mid-century modern, New York loft spaces or ocean front properties?  Make that known!  Do you specialize in kitchen and bath renovations, new home construction or historic Victorian properties? (See how I slipped in those keywords?) This is something your potential customers will specifically be looking for.  Search engines are smart enough to know the difference between "fluff" and "depth" in web content, so keyword optimization includes placing those words into valuable content that will tell your potential customers what you do and why you're valuable.

Add Location Based Keywords

For search engines, there is a big difference between "The Eastern Time Zone" and "Boston, MA". People want to connect with companies that are close to them, so plugging keywords into your content that help search engines more exactly identify your location means that you have the opportunity for greater success on Houzz.

Use Keywords That Match Your Images  

If you say that you make beautiful bathrooms, have the pictures on-hand to support that claim.  The correct keyword optimization may land people on your page, but if you're not showing them what you can really do, they won't care about your content.  Utilize the power of professional photography.  After all, a picture is worth... yada yada yada.

Pay Attention To Your Analytics?

As you search through the data that comes from your search results, are you paying attention to what it's telling you?  If you have great keywords plugged into your content, you should be standing out on Houzz, and the data should be there to prove it!  If you're not successfully utilizing keywords and telling your potential consumers what they want to hear, the data will tell you that, too.  Just because it may be something you don't want to hear, you don't want to ignore these statistics.  If you're listening to what the market is telling you, you can adjust your content to meet the needs of a whole new audience.

Use Brand The Brand Keywords On Your Pages

People want to know you as a company.  If they know your, culture they can be sure that they're giving money to the right company.  Keyword optimization doesn't end in the static content that lives on your website; it lives everywhere that your company's name is associated.  If you want to be known for a higher level of quality, embed keywords that tell the reader the brands you use. Schumacher wall coverings, Grange Furniture, and Janus et Cie outdoor furnishings says something different than Wayfair, Home Depot, and Ikea. Associate your brand with the brands you use by including longtail keywords that include products in your portfolio descriptions.

As such, when you engage your audience, you can utilize the proper keywords to tell people what you're all about, answer questions, and become keyword rich!

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