Want To Sell Golf Course Real Estate? Market To Women First

Selling country club and golf course real estate starts with understanding the persona of the decision maker. Most clubs create marketing that targets men, but, it is often women who hold the real power when it comes to the purchasing decisions.The statistics speak for themselves. In the US alone, women account for more than $4 trillion in Gross Domestic Product; when you compare that to the rest of the world that makes them the fourth largest economy. And it is important to note that when it comes down to the decision making whether it is Golf Course Real Estate or membership; 91% of purchasing decisions are made by the woman in the household.

To increase the sales of real estate, you need to focus your marketing efforts on women – not men.

The Content Marketing Process for Country Club Real Estate Sales

Online content marketing is an easy concept. Publish keyword rich content on blogs, web pages and on social media. People searching for the keywords you feature will find the information you publish in search engine results. The sales process always starts with awareness and attracting the leads.  Social media platforms like Pinterest and Facebook are being used to great effect by a number of courses in the US which are offering 2 for 1 for women.

Studies have shown that 50% of women enjoy reading blogs, compared to just 26% of men. Another study found that women are more likely to use social media than men. Frequent publishing of blog articles on social media will generate leads.

The objective is to get relevant content to the audience so that they share the content with their peers. 

Once attracted to an offer, the seller needs to convert them by the use of landing pages and call to actions. Create landing pages with easy to fill out forms that provide something of value in exchange for contact information. This could be a whitepaper, e-book, video or presentation – something that demonstrates to the prospect that their contact information is appreciated.

Once they become the lead, place them in an email marketing workflow. Watch your email service provider analytics and see if they open the emails. This will help you determine the interest and qualify the prospect.  It is important to note that leads will be at different stages of the sales lifecycle and that each stage will need different content and interactions.

Once the real estate deal has closed, and they're in the new home, the next step begins. Stay in touch with your customer using social media and ongoing e-newsletters. Existing customers are often referral sources. Golf clubs are social places, provide information on amenities, clubs and events and encourage sharing social media platforms. Social sharing will help keep memberships top-of-mind. If done right then the long-term benefits of utilizing inbound marketing will generate new leads and sales.

Targeting a female audience, and delivering interesting content will make selling golf course real estate easier.