Top 5 Online Marketing Tools for Home Design Professionals

Our Top 5 Favorite Marketing Tools For Home Design Professionals

Five Marketing Tools For Home Design And Construction Firms

There are now more online marketing tools available to reach prospective home design customers than ever before. However, where to invest time for a proven return requires some hard analysis of the tools available. An upfront strategy will help you organize marketing efforts so that your firm reaches as many of your ideal prospects in a meaningful way. Thankfully there are five low-cost marketing tools available to home design and construction companies that will enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Here are five content marketing tools we strongly recommend.

Using Houzz To Market Your Home Design Firm

Houzz is an online community of home and landscape designers who share their portfolios and allows homeowners to build albums of designs that they love. Home designers can use this platform effectively to showcase their unique accomplishments while making themselves directly available to interested customers who love the style and artistic flavor that the artist brings to their designs. Houzz also offers an easily searchable database of service providers so that shoppers can find local businesses and look through their profiles in one place. A strong portfolio on Houzz is a stepping stone toward seriously interested and committed buyers who know what they want. If you're a home design professionals having difficulty attracting clients with Houzz, we can help. Read this blog on setting up a Houzz portfolio and project pages as part of an inbound marketing strategy.

Automated Marketing With Hatchbuck

Small companies that do not have dedicated sales and marketing teams can take advantage of Hatchbuck to manage their email marketing campaigns. By setting up triggers that identify when users are advancing through the different stages of research and purchase planning, home design companies can provide helpful and relevant newsletters and updates to potential customers while nurturing ongoing conversation about the customer's needs. Hatchbuck also allows companies to set notifications when customers open and read emails so they can see which customers are most interested. Click here to see articles we've written a number of articles to help you get to know Hatchbuck automated marketing. 

Buffer Makes Social Media Fast and Easy

Buffer is a top social media tool for internet marketing purposes. This software allows home design companies to queue up posts for both Twitter and Facebook among other social media outlets. Once these updates are scheduled they will post on their own without having to log in and manually create new messages for each platform. In addition, Buffer allows convenient drag and drop marketing, allowing home designers to quickly and easily share articles, photos and more by just dropping them into the queue. 

Share Your Home Design Projects on SlideShare

SlideShare is a truly innovative approach to using architectural photography as an internet marketing tool. While home designers need opportunities to share their portfolios in a clean and concise presentation format, SlideShare provides a social platform to share these presentations through social media. Instead of uploading dozens of individual photos into separate albums on multiple social media platforms, just create one integrated slideshow on SlideShare and make it available for sharing.

MailChimp is Email Marketing For Home Design Professionals

MailChimp is a simple and direct way of managing company contact lists by organizing subscribers into mailing lists based on shared characteristics. Home designers can create custom workflow emails and preview them from the recipient's point of view to see how those campaigns come across to customers. We always recommend emailing helpful blog articles to your prospects. MailChimp allows you to automatically send blog articles the moment your blog is published using your RSS feed. Automation saves time, keeps your firm top-of-mind and positions your firm as a thought leader. Take a look at the blog articles we've written on using MailChimp.

By combining these five internet marketing tools, architects, interior designers, design-build and landscaping businesses can take advantage of the best marketing techniques in the world without the need for a full scale marketing and sales team. By automating social media and email updates, and using analytics data to identify the customers who are closest to making a final decision, designers can focus on creating a completely personalized experience with each new project. 

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