Tips On Encouraging Interior Design Clients to Post a Houzz Review

How To Encourage Houzz Reviews

Getting Interior Design Clients To Write Houzz Reviews

For those in the residential construction industry, Houzz is an incredibly valuable resource. Whether you're an interior designer, landscape design firm, contractor, a design-build firm, architect, or any other type of company in the building trades, Houzz is a way for consumers to connect with your business. Think of it as a “social network” that connects consumers with companies in the trades.

Much like Google, Houzz uses algorithms to place your company in rankings when consumers search for the types of services you offer. Along with photos of your work, a company description, and other details about your business, one area Houzz uses to help you rank are consumer reviews of your services.

Houzz Reviews Weigh Heavily in Determining Whether Your Firm's Listing Shows Up In Search Results

So, you've just completed a significant renovation project, and your client is absolutely thrilled with the quality of your work. How do you get them to tell others about their beautiful new home? One way is to have them write a Houzz review that will encourage other homeowners seeking a design project to contact you.

Here are some tips on how to encourage your clients to write that glowing Houzz review!

Ask Clients for a Review

Ok, pretty obvious right? But this is the best way to get a client to leave a review. Make sure you ask them sooner rather than later while the experience is still fresh. Directly ask them if they could let other people know about their experience, your workmanship, and the result of their project. Either a review directly on your website (which should be linked to through Houzz) or directly on your Houzz profile are the best places for it to appear.

Make It As Easy As Possible For Them To Leave a Houzz Review

We're all busy with our daily lives. Sometimes, even if a client intends to write a review, life can take over, and it can get pushed down on their to-do list. Make the process as easy as possible. Send an email that includes a link and clear instructions. You could even include examples of other client reviews to spark their creativity. A good practice is to send clients a “thank you” email upon the completion of their project. Including this information with your thank, you is easy, and it makes the Houzz review process convenient.

Ask Them If You Can Showcase Their Project in Your Houzz Image Gallery

If you're happy with the way a project turned out, or if it was in any way unique, ask the client if you can return to photograph the end result to include on your Houzz profile and website. They'll probably be flattered and might be more inclined to write a few words to include in your showcase.

Always Respond to Your Reviews

Consumers today are pretty savvy. There's a great possibility that they checked out your Houzz page, website, and reviews before they made the decision to hire you, so it can pay to make a good impression. Take some time to respond to people who review your business thanking them for the review. Potential clients will see this, and it may tempt them to write their own reviews later when their project is complete.

Think Strategically: Create a Process

Not everyone you do work for will get around to writing a review. However, if you build a strategy and create a process that makes it easy, you'll soon build up a bank of reviews. Making it a part of your business process and ensuring that your entire team is on board can help. Make sure your team knows to request a review and the process for sending customers relevant information upon completion of any project.

Word of mouth is the best form of advertising available to most businesses. Today, the Internet has given us the ability to create a record of our past accomplishments in the form of reviews that are available 24/7/365. Your website, Houzz profile and blog can help to inform potential customers of who you are and what you do. Reviews from past customers can help to tell them how well you do it! Building a bank of reviews on your website and your Houzz page can help you to inform your customers, as well as help you to get found online. Taking the time to create a process for generating reviews is a smart business decision that can help you to grow your residential design company!

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