The Marketing Benefits of Blog Articles for Your Landscape Business

Inbound marketing has changed the way landscapers attract customers. You probably have a website for your landscape business. If crafted well it is easy to use, has a great story, an attractive design and clearly tell visitors who you are and what you do. (If not contact us - but that's a different article)

While this is a great start, the key to driving new traffic to your website and converting that traffic into business is consistently providing relevant and informative content to keep your business ranking on search engines and keep visitors coming back. One of the best ways for your landscape business to increase search visibility, leads and sales is through blogging for business on your website.

Why Should Landscape Designers and Architects Write Blog Articles?

Companies who blog are 13x more likely to enjoy positive ROI.
If you consistently blog, you will reap the benefits. Blogging helps you get found online. Your reach from this alone will bring you leads you wouldn’t have without it— all without the help of advertising and sales people. Day and night, your blog is always working for you.
— 2015 Hubspot Inbound Marketing Report

Blogging for business offers many advantages for a relatively small investment. Your blog allows you to get the word out about your brand and showcase your business while connecting directly with your customers. Creating informative content about what you do helps prospective customers learn more about your business while establishing you as an authority in your field. As you build trust and showcase your expertise, customers will begin to perceive you as the go-to person when they need your services.

Building your brand is a big part of blogging. You can express your passion, knowledge and brand identity in your unique and entertaining voice. No one understands your business better than you do. By personalizing your company’s story, you can reach out and engage with consumers. Along with the obvious customer benefits, creating a blog on your landscape business website can help to power your business “behind the scenes.” For example:

Blogging Increases Search Engine Traffic

By including keywords relevant to landscaping, and adding consistent new content to your site, the search engines have additional material to index. This will improve your organic search visibility and increase website traffic.

Blogging “Humanizes” Your Brand

Consumers are tired of being “sold” by huge faceless corporations. Blogging allows you to establish your company’s humanity. Personalizing your business gives consumers a chance to relate to you, your company and your brand on a fundamental level.

Blog Articles Provide Postable Social Media Content

Your blog is another way to engage with fans on the various social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. You can use those platforms to drive traffic to your website, as well as use your blog to increase followers on social media.

Blogging Builds Authority

Blogging gives you a platform to flex your professional muscles a bit and establish yourself as an authority in your field. Sharing relevant industry information and insight breeds trust and familiarity, and keeps you top of mind when prospects are ready to buy.

Develop A Solid Content Marketing Strategy Around Your Blog

Blogging for business starts with solid content. Just having a blog isn’t enough, you have to attract readers to your site, and keep them coming back. When setting your strategy make sure to:

• Develop Your Objectives - What are your goals? Identify your readers and what information they are seeking.

• Research Keywords! - Keywords can make or break your blog. To be noticed by search engines, you need to know what words and terms are relevant to customers searching for what you’re selling.

• Build a Content Strategy - Know your audience, know their pain points and informational needs, and direct your content to them!

Blogging for business can be an extremely effective method for building traffic to your landscape business’ website. Take a logical, long term approach, do your due diligence and be patient. It takes a little time and energy to build a successful blog, but in the end, the payoff can be incredible!