Squarespace Websites Are Content Marketing Ready

Without Great Content, no one will find you Online. Squarespace Websites Are Ideal For Content Marketing

Without Content, No One Will Find Your Site Online.

Squarespace Websites Are Ideal For Content Marketing

Squarespace has a new version of the elegant website builder and content management system. It has updated functions that will make content marketing and blog production easier than prior versions. We built our first Squarespace 7 website on the day of its release, and it has proven to be an incredibly intuitive tool that will make publishing content faster than ever before. We use Squarespace because they emphasize design and have created a system that keeps content a priority.

It's been two years since Squarespace 6 was launched and changed the way professional websites are built. Squarespace 7 has built upon the success of the last version of the platform with new features will enhance the ability to attract visitors through content marketing. Unlike WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, Squarespace 7 does not use plug-ins or extensions meaning it's less likely to be hacked or have malware corrupt the site. Maintenance and updates to the content management system are taken care of by Squarespace allowing you to concentrate on what is most important, attracting visitors, generating leads and closing sales as opposed to updating software.

The following are new features that make the Squarespace website builder a better marketing tool and portfolio site for your home improvement firm. 

Preview Function For the Content Management System 

Previous to this latest update, Squarespace users weren't able to preview their changes without publishing. The workaround was to keep an open Incognito window using Google Chrome and refreshing a version of the website to view changes in a live environment. Users would have to publish changes, check the published work then jump back into the dashboard to make changes. It was a time-consuming process. Squarespace 7 now allows website creators to view the changes as they happen in an on page window before hitting the publish button, and releasing the site live to viewers.

Responsive Design and Mobile Device Preview

With 65% of Google searches being done on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, the minds behind Squarespace 7 understand that websites need to be viewable on all devices seamlessly. The feature known as Device View will resize the editor to view in smaller sizes, so websites using Squarespace can see how their site will look on various devices. This is helpful when making changes to the layout, adding photos to determine the correct size and using new templates.

Integrated Stock Photography

Anyone who publishes a website knows how important images are to the process. The right image can enhance a message and tell its story. Squarespace 7 users can use Getty Images directly within the interface to give them millions of photos, illustrations, and vectors for $10. This makes it easy to find the right image for the current post. Users can search Getty Images without leaving the website in progress.

Integrated Google Apps

Squarespace 7 is integrated with Google Apps for setting up email accounts and scheduling events. Users can also access Google Drive for remote storage. All the Google Apps for Work are available in this new update. This is great news for users who use Google for other functions too.

Beautifully Designed and Flexible Templates

Often, small business owners who are doing all the work of a large firm. Squarespace 7 has many new website and splash page templates. Squarespace refers to them as "Starting Points" and they are niche-specific variants of the existing Squarespace 6 templates.  Existing Squarespace 6 customers will have access to the new website templates and can easily update an existing website.

It took two years for the developers to bring about an update to the site. With the addition of Getty Images, users can search without leaving their content and pay a flat fee per image. Customers received a new interface that allows changes to the content to be previewed before publishing, and the device viewer that lets websites using Squarespace have an interface that focuses on the design aspects of website creation. It is now easier than ever to publish content and update your website with the new Squarespace website builder.