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Your blog is often one of the first point of contact with potential customers. Blogs attract prospects and are a key element in an interior design marketing plan. Unfortunately, if they can’t find you, then even the most beautifully written and informative blog articles are useless. One way to get found online is to employ Search Engine Optimization techniques to help you place high in the organic search page rankings on Google and other search engines.

Seven blogging tips that improve Squarespace SEO

1. Keyword Your Title Tags

If you’ve started your keyword research, H1 title tags is the most element for on-page SEO. For blogs, the H1 title tag are the descriptive title found in the web browser bar. This title tells search engines what the page is about and that it’s relevant for that keyword or phrase. Make each blogs title tag unique. All title tags are important so be sure to use H2 and H3 title tags as well. These blog article subcategory titles also play a roll in Squarespace SEO.

Get Into These Habits:

  • Consider this format when crafting title tags: Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword

  • There is some evidence that using a dash between keywords may help

  • Avoid duplicate content. This is very important for avoiding an SEO penalty

  • Keep tags short fifty-eight characters or less, including spaces

  • Use A Headline Analyzer to check your title tags

2. Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are important in attracting users attention on search engine results pages, Use keywords wisely and focus on writing a compelling meta description to entice users to click onto your site. Like title tags, the search engine results pages will highlight the keywords that were searched. Search engines will highlight your meta description keyword when users search for those terms. These highlighted words increase the chance that users will click through to your site. On Squarespace, a meta description is known as a page description.

Use these tactics:

  • Write compelling descriptions

  • Include title tag keywords in your descriptions

  • Keep Descriptions to 150 – 160 characters in length

  • Never duplicate meta descriptions from another page, make them unique

  • Don’t use quotes or non-alpha characters, Google removes them

3. Use Long Tail Keyword Phrases

Because Google is constantly changing their algorithm, it’s crucial to keep your content unique and relevant. If you have duplicate or multiple pages of the same content, you risk getting penalized by Google, and your rankings will suffer.

Get Into These Habits:

  • Make content extremely relevant for your keyword phrase

  • Use your keyword phrase at a 1% insertion rate in your content

  • Use internal links to point back to your content

  • Create unique content for every web page, blog article, press releases, etc. Search engines will penalize you for duplicate content

4. Use H2 Subcategory tags

A subcategory tag H2 is the subject line of your blog page. Include this to drive unique traffic to that page. If you have multiple sections, you can also use a second header or H2.

Get Into These Habits:

  • Use your keyword only once in your H1

  • Use H1 tags to drive unique traffic (SEO page)

  • Use H2 tags for multiple sections

5. Internal Page Links

Internal linking is linking from a page to a second page within a website. Linking relevant pages to different pages on your website helps strengthen keywords for those pages. Internal linking informs search engines that the linked pages are relevant to that keyword or phrase.

Get Into These Habits:

When linking internally from within content, select relevant anchor text (keywords) to use in the actual link. For example: “We provide luxury interior design services” rather than “click here for services.”

An example of the best use of anchor text – e-commerce product mentions link to an e-commerce page, “Tabriz Rugs” links to the Tabriz Rugs Page, you get the picture!

6. Image Alternative Tags and Filenames

ALT tags are used to label images. They’re good for search engines and good for accessibility. Someone using a screen reader will be able to hear what the image is. Whenever possible, use your keyword phrase in the name of your image. Make image filenames SEO friendly as well. Image search is widely used, so it’s possible to derive SEO benefits here as well. Squarespace SEO best practices include writing an image caption and making it “Do Not Display Caption” in the design section of your image block. This is how captions become alt tags.

Get Into These Habits:

  • Name all your images as if a blind person were being told what they are

  • Use dashes between words avoid underscores

  • Use only letters! Don’t use non-alpha characters in image or file names.

  • Make Articles Easy to Read!

7. Bold Tags and Italics

Not a big factor in SEO, but it helps users to scan your content and find the keywords they searched for in the first place. Use bold text and bullet points to highlight important information. It also tells search engines what’s relevant on the page.

Get Into These Habits:

  • Keep paragraphs around three sentences long and make them short sentences

  • Use bullet points to break up text

  • Don’t overuse bullet points or bold text

  • Check content readability with the Hemingway editor app, it’s free!

By using these habits will make your pages easier to find for both users and search engines, and that will increase traffic to your site. You’ll also improve your SEO ranking, and that will drive more traffic resulting in higher conversion rates and more sales.

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