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PROPOSAL WRITING? Save Time and eliminates mistakes

Software For Proposal Writing

If you use the web version of Microsoft Word as your go-to proposal writing tool, you’ve probably noticed that while it’s great for co-authoring and commenting, it lacks many of the features needed to quickly and easily create attractive proposals. A short list of what’s missing includes limited headers and footers, no ability to create text boxes or tables of content, and no way to track changes. Add in the inability to include videos or e-signatures, and it becomes clear there has to be a better way.

What Is PandaDoc?

If you’ve ever wished for software that would help you more efficiently write and deliver proposals, PandaDoc may be just the document processing app you’ve been looking for. With its easy-to-use templates, user tips, tracking, and notifications, PandaDoc allows you to:

  • Create interactive proposals with messaging capabilities

  • Build templates that eliminates rewriting content

  • Automate your workflow

  • Use built-in analytics to stay current on your documents

  • Close deals more quickly with legal binding e-signature

  • Easily add photos and video to your proposals

The app also makes it easy to view each proposal’s related documents, and track when a prospect opens and views your proposal. One of the most helpful and time-saving features offered is the online drag-and-drop document builder. You’ll never have to set up a master template and then copy and paste snippets of data and information needed to personalize each proposal again.

How PandaDoc Works

PandaDoc focuses on creating interactive documents like proposals and contracts that generally require input or a response from the recipient. Here’s how easy it is to use the app:
You create a form proposal using PandaDoc’s online platform and customizable templates.
Every proposal you create is saved in the cloud.
Add in photos, videos and other informative and useful elements like an interactive calculator.
Share or email a link to the proposal to one or more recipients.

Enhanced communication with our clients has lead to improved relationships, faster response times, and better solutions to any issues identified in the communication process.
— PandaDoc Customer

Because your completed proposal is HTML-based, there's no additional software needed to open it like there is for PDFs. Your proposal simply opens in the recipient’s browser.

The ability to embed video into your proposals can be a boon to your sales process, leading to better engagement which, in turn, leads to increased conversion rates. And the analytics tool is extremely helpful in seeing just how – and for how long – recipients interact with your proposal as well as whether they have been shared with other decision-makers.Do a Trial Run

If you’re in the market for a fairly simple solution that can address all your sales and marketing proposal needs through automation and integration, do a trial run of PandaDoc to see if it’s a good fit for speeding up your organization’s proposal process, both in the office and on the road.

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