NHAB Offers Marketing Advice to Professional Remodelers

NHAB Remodelers Marketing Checklist

NHAB Remodelers Marketing Checklist

Marketing professional remodeler services can seem like a difficult task. So here's a new business marketing tip. Uncover your buyers needs before telling prospects about your skills. Referrals from previous clients is a typical form of lead generation, but there are marketing initiatives and website tweaks you can make that will demonstrate professionalism.

The National Association of Home Builders, NAHB provides advice to people seeking the services of professional remodelers. We recommend using the NAHB checklist as a resource for content ideas on your website. So, it makes sense to offer prospective clients answers to their questions. In a nutshell, if prospects are looking for your website to provide them valuable information and the NHAB is recommending that prospects get answers to specific questions, wouldn't make sense to answer NHAB questions on your website?

Here is a list of content topics you should have on your website.

  • Discuss your trade associations.
  • A permanent business location named on your website.
  • A list of suppliers that you regularly use.
  • The length of time that you have been operating in a particular area under your current trading name.
  • Proof that you have relevant insurance in place (e.g. General Liability Insurance).
  • The ability to provide names of previous customers and demonstrate work that is completed and in progress.
  • Methods in which you will keep in contact with your prospective clients.
  • Proof that you are an EPA Lead-Safe Certified Renovator.

Keeping a checklist like the one above is an essential part of demonstrating that you are a member of the professional remodeler’s community. However, simply having this information located on your website is not sufficient.

Search engines will highly rank websites that are often updated and mention certain keywords at specific frequencies. One of the best ways to support this and to raise your ranking on the search engines is , therefore, o create and maintain a blog.

A blog has several benefits including search engine optimization "SEO" which increases visibility on search engine results pages. Professional remodelers that publish regularly on a blog can expect to see an increase in their website traffic. The increase is very dependent on the amount that you publish, however businesses that publish more than 15 blog articles per month can expect to see their audience grow five fold in comparison to those that do not blog at all. They can also experience sales of up to 70% more. The biggest criteria for ensuring this is to make sure that all your posts contain certain key words, for example ‘home remodeler’ but ensure that it is not placed too often in the text as search engines tend to penalize overuse.

A blog enables you to be a trusted advisor and expert. Provide helpful information on your blog that ties back to the questions in the list above. Therefore having evidence of your skills and expertise is a benefit to everyone.

Remodelers should use examples taken from the work they do day to day as blog content. For instance, post pictures from projects which you've completed and provide detailed descriptions that discuss communication style, the products you used and if the client found you from a referral. Show that you have been working in a geographic area for a number of years by discussing older projects, but remember that the blog should be written to be helpful to a prospect. "Post and boast" only go so far. 

So if you are looking to expand your professional persona, consider blogging and watch your website traffic increase.