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Online Content Marketing Requires a Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Online Content Marketing Requires a Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Search Engine Optimization is the key to all online marketing activities. You could have the best images, and website content that answers questions every potential Interior design clients will want to know, but if your target audience cannot find your website or blog through a search engine, there is little point in publishing the material.

It is crucial to have a keyword strategy and follow search engine optimization best practices.

The first step in an effective search engine optimization campaign is establishing the website and online marketing benchmarks. This means identifying:

•    What percentage of your website traffic will originate from organic searches
•    The rate of conversion of your organic traffic into leads and customers
•    The non-branded keywords that will drive traffic to your website
•    The position you wish for in search engine rankings
•    The number of inbound links you have and where they direct visitors to

Concentrate on developing inbound links and content that utilizes highly searched keywords that your site has a chance of ranking for. Using keyword phrases like “Interior Design Boston” might bring in visitors but "Interior Design Boston" is highly competitive because it is used by most designers located in Boston. The odds are that few of these visitors will convert into leads. Whereas, a term “colors for mid century kitchen design” might bring in fewer visitors; but will have a larger percentage and a higher number of leads and sales.

Your choice of keywords is of vital importance. We recommend using SEO tools and marketing analytics to track results. Once you begin tracking which keywords are responsible for visits and leads, you can create content using keywords you know will be successful. 

Remember to use long tail keyword phrases

These are a string of words used to attract an audience seeking specific information. They'll have less competition, but they'll also have fewer people searching for them. By using them in your content creation, you can achieve higher ranking for only those prospects seeking your services. Think of it as a way of qualifying prospects. Posting blog articles using long tail keywords will increase search engine optimization results with your target audience.

Here's an example, rather than using “bedroom design” create content that's specific such as “bedroom designs for kids” or use a long tail keyword that includes your location like “bedroom designs in New York” as these will result in "SERPs", Search Engine Results Pages from people you want to attract. 

A month or so into starting your campaign you need to identify where the holes in your search engine optimization plan are. Your analytics will show you what keywords have been generating traffic and how many of those visitors have been converted into leads and sales.

If you're finding that one of your keywords is performing badly there are two explanations:

1.    Your keywords aren't closely related to your business for the visitors
2.    Your offer isn't compelling enough or even non-existent

If it is the latter, you need to adjust your offer – ensure that you are offering something of value to your target audience and demonstrate your expert knowledge. After all, search engine optimization is only designed to get the people to your site; the content is what converts them into a lead. With the right content management system, it should only take a moment to update a page, and you can conduct as many tests as you like to get the optimal solution.

Once you've created the perfect setup you should continue to monitor the results. Check for drops in the rank - which would indicate that a competitor in your market has changed some of their content. Another metric to measure is to ensure that your visits are converting to leads.

Search engine optimization is an essential tool for the growth of your business - ensure that visitors can find you by making the most of the best practices.

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