How To Make Drip Marketing Campaigns "Good to the Last Drop"

Drip marketing email campaigns can keep your firm top-of-mind over a lengthy sales process

Drip marketing email campaigns can keep your firm top-of-mind over a lengthy sales process

What Is drip marketing?

Email newsletters come with a couple of difficulties: First, most firms use email newsletters to announce new contracts or project completions. With 8528 unread emails in an average Gmail inbox, it's logical that "Post and Boast Emails" are not a good way to convince a prospect to use your services. Second, new subscribers only see the emails you've written after they opt in to receive them. Every email you've written, designed and sent before a sign up is immediately lost on anyone who signs up after you hit the send button. If used exclusively as a way of contacting, prospects e-newsletters can be a wasteful use of your time and budget.

How do drip marketing email campaigns work?

Drip marketing comes by many names, (lifecycle emails, autoresponders, behavioral emails, and marketing automation) but they always have one overarching purpose. They're used to keep people engaged and keep your firm top-of-mind. Drip marketing emails are different than e-newsletters in that they are sent out automatically on a schedule or based on an action taken by a prospect. Your first email may go out when a prospect signs up; another gets sent a few days later, with a third going out seven to ten days after sign up. If your prospect clicks on a link that takes them back to your website another drip email campaign could start based on the services offered on the link that prompted the click-through.

Drip marketing emails allow you to stay in touch with groups of contacts based on their actions. They can be sent automatically when a contact signs up for your blog or be sent depending on the number of times they've visited your site or when someone downloads a guide or information on your services. When a drip email is sent, it comes from a pre-written set of emails. The average queue is about eight emails in length. This time-saving action eliminates the need to write emails manually and send them to individuals. Drip marketing emails work best when personalized with a name, company information or the services they were researching on your website.

Drip marketing can be used to move prospects along the buyer's journey. By giving your audience the pertinent information when they are seeking your expert advice, you reduce unsubscribes and position your firm as an obvious choice. If someone just subscribed to your blog or e-newsletter, a drip campaign email could begin with a list links to the most popular articles you've written. Two days later, an email that links to a portfolio of your best work could automatically be sent. If a potential customer frequently visits your website but hasn't reached out directly, a drip campaign could send them an email with a guide shows reasons to start a project now. Remember, these emails go out automatically based on triggers and audience segments that you define.

Use drip campaigns can be used to educate prospects, request Houzz testimonials from customers, or help people understand your firm's value proposition when they view a page on your website. Most importantly, though, is that you can target specific audience groups like residential or commercial prospects. Segmenting your email list, and reaching the right people throughout the different stages of a decision-making process will ensure better results. Segment your list based on demographics, purchase history, audience type and by the emails a user has opened in the past. Keeping an eye on your analytics and giving people information that is of interest to them will lead to a higher more conversions, fewer unsubscribes and greater sales.

Drip marketing campaigns fail when frequency outweighs interest

Frequent drip emails without a specific goal that may or may not match your prospect's decision-making process will go unopened or annoy the recipient. A researched, thoughtful set of drip emails will remind people of your services, teach them how to prepare for a new project, and get subscribers back to your website so that you can better understand what they value. Writing audience specific emails that speak to each of your audience segments will encourage a positive reaction from your subscribers.

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