How To Know Landing Page Results With Marketing Analytics

Monitoring your landing page results will help you Increase Lead conversions. More Leads = Better Clients

Monitoring your landing page results will help you Increase Lead conversions. More Leads = Better Clients

Analytics Software Tells the Story of Your Online Marketing Success

Running an online marketing campaign requires an understanding of your landing pages’ performance. Without this, there is little to guide you in how to improve your marketing strategy. Software like Hubspot and SharpSpring provides marketing analytics that helps you know if your campaigns are resulting in new visitors, leads, and sales.

Call-to-Action (CTA) and Click Through Rate (CTR)

Even though your landing pages are the primary focus of your marketing analytics, you need to analyze whether quality visitors are clicking through to the landing pages. To ensure this is at its best you should make sure of the following three items:

  1. That your content that has enough value to the reader to encourage them to fill out a form (e.g. information on what to consider when selecting a home builder)
  2. The visual and written content of the landing pages is consistent with the content that is within the preceding call-to-action.
  3. The content on the landing pages is consistent with the content that is with the preceding page that contained the call-to-action.

Remove Navigation From Your Landing Page

One of the best ways to ensure that your visitors do not land and then disappear on your landing page is to remove the navigational bar. This helps ensure they remain on the landing pages long enough to fill out the information on your data capture form that will subscribe them to your email marketing campaign.

Landing Page Metrics You Should Monitor

Once you have the visitors staying on your landing pages and making it down to the offer and filing in the data capture form, you should start monitoring other metrics. Here are three to keep an eye upon.

Visitor-to-Lead Conversion Rate

The visitor-to-lead conversion rate is found by dividing the number of leads generated by the total number of visitors during a period. Knowing this statistic informs you how effective your landing page and offer is. To improve this rate your content and the offer on the website have to be of high value to the visitor. For instance, you could offer a free lounge design ebook.

Lead-to-Customer Conversion Rate

By dividing the number of people who complete the data capture form to those who are then converted into paying customers you can devise this ratio. An improvement can be achieved by enhancing the email marketing and drip marketing campaigns that you conduct after they have submitted their details on your data capture form.

Visitor-to-Customer Conversion Rate

This metric is worked out by taking the total number of customers and dividing it by the number of visitors to a page. This data can be a difficult metric to work out as a visitor could take three days or three months to convert out, and it is hard to determine what part of the process is letting you down.

To solve this, utilize A/B testing where you have two versions of the landing page that you direct visitors to and determine which landing page gives you the best results. You can change many elements of the landing page including the copy, the header, the CTA and the offer.

It is best that you change only one thing at a time, so you know which element is making the difference. Once you have determined which landing page has performed better - you change something else on the other landing page and continue to test.

Marketing analytics is an essential part of building your home improvement business. It does time take and a little effort to work out the most optimized landing page – however, the number clients you can gain in response can yield high revenue results.