How To Enable SSL Security in Squarespace: Prevent a Google Chrome Warning

Updating Your Squarespace Website To SSL

How To Make Your Squarespace Website Https://

Is your Squarespace website ready for Google's changes to its Chrome website browser? Here's how to enable SSL in your Squarespace preferences.

Squarespace is now offering free SSL or Secure Socket Link connections for all of its websites. This is in advance of changes to the Google Chrome website browser. It is important that all clients update their websites to take advantage of this free service. It is estimated that 50% of web users now use Google Chrome to conduct searches. In January, Google will now show a warning for websites that are not SSL enabled. This warning will cause potential customers to avoid clicking on your website link in search results and will reduce the amount of traffic to your website. We have enabled SSL for almost all of our clients but we ran into a few websites where the SSL connection could not be completed due to a domain connection error. We want to help you solve this problem so that you continue to attract potential customers.

View Googles Announcement Regarding Moving Towards a More Secure Web with SSL

Checking Your SSL Settings

The first step is to log into your Squarespace website and check to see if secure is selected in your security site preferences. If secure is selected and you see a warning that states "Certificates are not available for the following domains." you will need to correct an issue with your domain connection.

For in-depth information on your Squarespace SSL connection, click here to view the Squarespace Help page on SSL.

Checking Your Squarespace Domain Settings

This can be checked by selecting Domains in the Settings section of the Squarespace CMS. To do this, return to Settings, click on Domains, and if you see a red line on your domain click on the box that contains the domain. A new page will open showing any problems with the domain connection.

Fixing Domain Problems

Squarespace has in-depth instructions for correctly connecting your domain. Click here for the Squarespace Help page on Domain settings. 

Often times when repointing a domain name from an old website to a new Squarespace website we are not granted access to the website and C-Panel to make the connections ourselves. This can be further complicated if we run into problems convincing the organization that oversees a domain to set up the redirects as instructed by Squarespace. Additionally, Squarespace has changed their domain name requirements in recent years. These issues can be corrected. If when checking your domain settings you're getting a warning that shows your current data is incorrect, we can help. Contact us at (603) 289-6616 or mc@means-of-production to resolve the problem. We will need access to your domain name provider. This would be the organization where you purchased your domain. GoDaddy, Network Solutions, and are examples of common domain registrars. We will also need your login information, password, and pin. Don't let Google slap a warning on your website that discourages click throughs. If you are an existing or future client, contact us and we will help you solve the problem.