How To Create A Website That Actually Sells Architectural Services

Six Website Design Tactics that Attract and Convert Leads

Creating a website that converts visitors into customers should be the keystone of marketing your architectural services. Great pictures, descriptions of your services and testimonials are certainly important, but your site is little more than a brochure if it doesn’t include a structure that generates leads. A portfolio is imperative, but a website should never just be a portfolio.

A website that generates leads ranks high in search engine results, incorporates social media, contains valuable and frequently updated content that includes calls to action. Like architecture, a website should be easy to navigate and attractive. You should always know where you are and there should be distinct paths. Here are some specific tips for creating a website that does the heavy lifting of marketing for architects.Park Avenue New York

1. Start With a Beautifully Designed Website

As an architect, you understand the importance of good design. But looking good isn’t enough. To rank high in search results, websites need to clean, organized and easy to navigate. The site should be rich in information with multiple pages. All pages should be a single click away from the homepage. Squarespace is an ideal platform for image-driven websites. High-quality photography is important within the sales process. People want to see your capabilities, but images add little value when it comes to being found online in search engines. Even if you title your images with a keyword - no one ever searched for DCS14526 - use a keyword in your alternative tags and a keyword-rich caption, copy works better for SEO. Being found online will increase the value of your print advertising because the average person uses search to recall information from an offline source. Ensure your firm comes up when people are searching for your services and your competitor does not

2. Invest in Quality Keyword-Rich Content

Written content isn’t just important; it’s everything. Keyword-rich copy is marketing 101 for architects. Even Google will tell you that providing high-quality content is the most important thing you can do. The site should include helpful information and detailed descriptions of your work. Keyword rich, high-quality written content attracts visitors and keeps them on the site. Consider hiring a professional content writer or marketing expert if you don’t have one on staff. 

3. Incorporate Search Engine Optimization, SEO

Your website’s text should contain frequently searched keywords related to architecture, your specialties, your location and more. Give some thought to the words and phrases users would type to find your page, and incorporate those within the site. Avoid stuffing keywords in unnatural ways - search engines like Google punish this. Don’t post a list of keywords, for example. Your online marketing will backfire if it appears forced or unnatural.

Firms with 100-200 web pages generate 250% more leads than firms with 1-50 website pages
— Hubspot Marketing Lessons Learned From 7000+ Businesses

4. Create a Blog and Write Articles Frequently

A blog is the best way to drive traffic to your website, but make sure the topics are truly of interest to your customers. Online marketing can’t be purely self-promotional, or visitors will not come back. Blogs should also incorporate keywords related to architectural services, and the blog topic should appeal to your prospects. For maximum impact, regularly blog  - at least once a week. Include your photographs as well.

5. Encourage Visitors to Take An Action

Calls-to-action turn website visitors into leads. A call-to-action is a button that prompts visitors to click through to a landing page where they can sign up for your email list, take advantage of a special offer, download a white paper, etc. Require an email address in exchange for premium content or special offers to grow your mailing list.

6. Incorporate Social Media

An active social media presence is important for ranking high in search results. Potential customers are more likely to stumble upon you online if your website and social media pages show up in search results. Your website should have both share and follow buttons that make it easy for visitors to promote your blog articles and follow your firm on social media platforms such as Facebook, Houzz, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Keep in mind that websites don’t necessarily have to be expensive to be effective. And there is no reason to create custom code. Using a professional to establish a website on HubSpot or Squarespace means real marketing results without website updates, hacks or malware vulnerability like WordPress. A simple website that incorporates the elements above can go a long way in marketing your architectural services and generating leads. You don’t have to spend tens of thousands for exceptional results.