How Pinterest Can Improve Interior Design Marketing Results

Using Pinterest to highlight your aesthetic sensibilities is an interior design marketing must

Pinterest is a social media platform that is relatively new on the scene, and one that interior designers can use to great effect. With 70 million users across the world, and growing daily, there is an enormous opportunity for businesses to grow. And who better to exploit an image-based social media giant than interior designers?

Pinterest Marketing For Businesses

Some 28% of online adults use Pinterest, up from the 21% who did so in August 2013. Women continue to dominate the site, as they did in 2013: fully 42% of online women are Pinterest users, compared with just 13% of men
— PEW Research Center | Jan, 2015

In particular, interior design organizations can take advantage of the basics of the social media platform. Images are understood by an audience four thousand times faster than text and graphics can be remembered more easily. Adding the fact that recent research has also found that the audience on Pinterest spend 125% and 200% more money per transaction than on Twitter and Facebook respectively, and Pinterest accounts for 21% of all sales made via social media – Pinterest is becoming a major marketing tool. The demographic represented on Pinterest is also strikingly affluent, with approximately 28% having a household income of over 100k per year. It's important for interior design organizations to consider using the platform on a regular basis. For that to occur, best practices must be observed.

One of the key aims of social media is not just to post content that benefits the organization but content that the audience will find beneficial and want to share. There are plenty of sites out there which give regular updates on interior design Pinterest accounts to view that could help with projects. It is these sites that should be targeted to gain greater exposure for the interior design brand.

Designers know how to make pictures pop.. just what you need for Pinterest!

An advantage that interior design companies have over other businesses promoting through Pinterest is that the photographs and image based illustrations that they would wish to share are often aligned perfectly with the ideal marketing images.

For example:

  • Those pictures with warm, welcoming colors are promoted over colors that are perceived to be colder.
  • Graphics is shared twenty times as much that have a medium lighting than those that are darker.
  • Pictures that do not include faces are shared more often in the community than those without.
  • Vertical images are shared more than those of a horizontal orientation. Ensuring those graphics are aligned this way can boost interaction and results.

However, it isn’t just the images that will gain interior design organizations the greater web traffic or leads they desire. Descriptions of the graphics have to be tailored so that they are enticing to the audience. The ideal length of such a story is just 100 to 200 characters. However, this should also include a shortened URL. Interior design organizations should also think about the hashtags that will go with the description to make the image more discoverable. It is best to use only one or two hashtags as those with three or more have fewer interactions.

Even though a shortened URL is perfectly acceptable in the description, Pinterest discourages shortened URLs that are directly connected through the graphic. Pinterest even strips UTM parameters after the source campaign parameters and warn their users that shortened URLS may be linked to malicious sites. Therefore using a very simple URL is the best method for linking the content to a landing page or website. This will require the interior design company to measure marketing results in other ways.

As with other marketing activity, sharing the post around other social media platforms should be undertaken. This can increase the number of views that the content can generate – which will raise web traffic and generate more leads. It will also grow the following of the Pinterest account, increasing its value substantially for the company.

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