How Built Environment Companies Can Engage Fans On Facebook

Facebook can be a good source for building and remodeling leads if you use it with a Business Intent

Facebook can be a good source for building and remodeling leads if you use it with a Business Intent

A foundational tactic of content marketing is getting the articles, images and web pages you've created shared with others. When content is shared amongst your target audience, it generates web site visitors and with the right landing pages in place, leads.  Firms who don't think like publishers will soon find themselves losing prospective customers to their competitors. 

Social media posting software like Buffer and HootSuite make content distribution simple.  They allow scheduling, monitoring, online article search, as well as the sharing of articles and images on a variety of social media channels. The distribution of high-quality blog articles, landing pages and visual marketing images like those created in Canva to followers of your firm is highly beneficial.  It allows your followers to correlate their business with your content to attract and engage their fans and improve their brand perception through the association. I've had architects and interior designers recoil at this idea, but it is not a bad thing. The sharing of content results in an audience formerly not familiar with your firm. If the content is exceptional, it encourages this new audience to click on a link and visit your website. 

Everyone in the world, practically, has heard of Facebook. It is the most successful social networking platforms with 1.49 billion users per month, 65% of which use it daily, and Facebook's mobile initiative has increased its relevancy. It is a social media and marketing giant; that should not be ignored. 

One of the advantages to Facebook is that it allows users to create as many of their pages as they feel they can manage, as long as they do not violate the platform’s Terms of Use. Often, marketers at small and medium-sized businesses outsource social media management as a way of bringing in experts who can maintain visibility and communication with prospects. The more engagement you afford your prospects, the more likely they are to visit your website, wind up on a landing page and sign up for an email nurturing or to receive your blog articles.

It takes time to grow reach and strengthen credibility but persistent posting and discussions can help your firm build an audience quickly. It should be noted that we have had success using Facebook advertising as a way of building an audience of the right type of clients for our customers. 

Posting engaging questions designed to attract your ideal client

Here are some suggestions,

  • Is Mid-Century Modern Still a Thing or is it Passé?
  • Which Do You Think Is Best, Dark Brown or Bone White Bathrooms?
  • What Would You Expect To Spend For A Kitchen Remodel?
  • Where are The Best Places for a Second Home in the Area? Cape Cod, Vermont, NH's White Mountains, Downeast Maine or the Berkshires?

Research is a fundamental marketing strategy and asking questions helps you better understand your target market. But, keep the questions light in nature. If you forget the social in social media people will abandon you. Showing a genuine concern for the values of the reader is an excellent way to engage prospects, as they're liable to return the favor with a response that gets seen by even more people. Compile their responses and analyze them to get a better understanding of their demographics and then share the results. It is yet another reason for them to engage with your page. 

Remember, you will have a limited following when you first sign up. Start by searching for personal or business contacts to grow your friend list. Once you get people talking, post questions on a schedule so that your fans know when to look. The next opportunity for engagement should complement subsequent posts. 

Use Visual Marketing Tactics Like Photography and Videos

Photography and videos enjoy greater redistribution than text because images attract they eye in a constant moving news feed. They engage users and increase activity by standing out against text posts. It is important to maintain a balance between text and visual marketing content, but don’t hesitate to use great images, infographics and videos if you have them. Video tutorials on the relevant subject and the occasional photograph with a link back to your portfolio can go a long way toward obtaining leads. 

Respond to Comments Promptly  

One of the reasons people enjoy social networking so much is that they can contribute to discussions already in circulation. Users want to offer an opinion, and they're often a response. Failure to respond to relevant comments promptly will be taken as a snub. Users do not pay attention to Facebook pages where they feel that their input is appreciated. 
Keep users coming back by commenting on or liking their contributions. This does not mean camping out at the computer, waiting to respond in real time. Returning feedback quickly can come off as overly enthusiastic. Facebook will email you timeline updates and wall post notification. Checking your page once a day is sufficient. 

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