How Residential Builders Attract Construction Clients with Facebook

A lot of builders have a Facebook page, and many construction firms use Facebook for marketing. However, most are not utilizing their Facebook page to drive lead generation. Like Houzz and Pinterest, Facebook is an important marketing tool for design-build construction firms. It has the potential to display a brand to the masses and achieve tangible sales results. This is in part because of a shift a couple years ago from text-based posts towards graphic design and photography posts.

There are several factors that affect using Facebook as a successful marketing tool beyond devoting time to content marketing posts and interacting with followers.

Six Ways to Attract Customers with Facebook

1.    Approach your marketing like it's a construction project

If a business wants to succeed in their campaigns, they need to look more objectively at their plans. Businesses need to quantify their goals, develop an understanding of their target audience and create a marketing plan that can be implemented along with the rest of the marketing efforts. Having a disjointed campaign will seem odd and will not draw customers in. Likewise having no plan at all will turn the Facebook campaign into a disaster.

2.    Using Facebook for business is about reaching prospective clients

If a business wants to have their Facebook profiles grow they have to gain exposure and entice them in. The biggest influence for this is quality content on a regular basis that is released when readers are looking. If businesses can get the quality content posted at the right times often enough, they will see their posts shared to new potential clients - extending their reach and increasing brand exposure.

3.    Creating a calendar on Facebook for business

Every business struggles with time. That is why a schedule on the output is critical. Developing a schedule is not very difficult but it's useful if a company can include what day, time and what is to post. It is a great way to save time, if a marketing team completes the schedule in advance and uploads it to an automated Social Media management tool.

4.    Drive fans from Facebook to your website

Using Facebook for business marketing will not work if the target audience stays on the Facebook page and does not venture onto your website. Businesses have to create quality content back on your site. Write blog articles that use visually appealing images, contain data to back up your Facebook post and client examples and case studies that make the topic understandable for everyone. One way to know the content will appeal to the audience is to... ready for this... ask them and carry on a conversation about construction and renovation topics. When you update your Facebook page or post relevant content, include a link back to your website.

5.    Creating a good call-to-action (CTA)

A strong call-to-action will persuade a target audience to visit a company landing page and sign up for additional information or to receive your blog articles via email. A call to action has to evoke emotion, action and a sense that time is limited to create a sense of urgency. Finally, a call-to-action has to lead to a great landing page.

6.    Manage your statistics

Use the free metrics to understand better how your firm's marketing efforts are performing on Facebook.  A contractor needs to know what has worked and what has not so that plans can be altered to concentrate on the tactics and conversations that provided results. With tweaks, your return on investment (ROI) will increase, and you'll be closer to hitting your lead generation goals. Using Facebook for business marketing is not the only answer to increased sales and new renovation clients but it can be valuable as part of a multi-channel marketing strategy.