Drive 5X The Traffic To Your Website | Blogging for Lead Generation

It seems lately that social media reigns supreme in the eyes of marketing professionals. But blog articles provide you something more substantial than "what you had for breakfast" to push out on your social media channels. But blogs should be done with an eye towards the way people search for information online. More and more, consumers and clients are responding to visual mediums when making judgments about what products or services are right for them. If your company is active in spheres like Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram, then using images in your posts is a good way to drive people back to your blog and a blog is a good way for prospects to learn something about your company.

Written content is still the leader in helping to build trust among you and present or potential clients because it’s the best medium for communicating the depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise. What’s more: Statistics show that business who actively blog are 55% percent more likely to attract new business and generate leads and if you blog three times a week you can increase your website visits by 500%. 

Tips for making sure your blog effectively reaches your audience:

Focus on content: The best way to create compelling content that people will come back to is to use your voice. You are not the only expert on interior design or architecture, but you do have insights that are exclusive to you and they may benefit your audience in a way that the insights of your competitors cannot. When creating content, don’t let the use of keywords or phrases distract you from thoughtful, effective messaging. Determining those ‘anchors’ will come later.

Include visuals: Use a striking, relevant photograph to grab the attention of your audience and encourage the initial ‘click through’ to your blog. Once you have incorporated key words into your written content, make sure that the file name of the image you use corresponds with them.  Web sites like Getty Images and Creative Commons are a great place to source for visuals if you do not have any of your own. Just be sure to reference the source in the photo’s caption.

Create takeaways: As part of your goal of achieving a repeat audience, make sure that each of your blog posts include incentives, or ‘takeaways’ that will give your readers a sense of measurable knowledge that they are gaining from the material you post. Consider including a Call-to-Action that links to a landing page on your website where you can offer white papers, or pathways to forums on particular topics that they might be interested in learning more about.

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