Drawing on Images - Houzz Sketch Makes Client Communication Easier

Houzz Sketch, the app tool that lets you draw, write, type and add stickers to photos, is now available as a web experience.

Choose a picture from among the 14 million-plus photos on Houzz, snap a shot of your own, upload an image from the web or select a Sketch canvas. Add any products from the Houzz Shop. And then write, type and draw on the photos and add stickers to quickly and easily communicate ideas and comments to your design professional, family members and friends.

To start a Sketch on the web, simply click on any Houzz photo and click the Sketch button (the pencil) at the bottom. Write, type or draw on any image. Circle a design feature, note the dimensions of a room or sketch where a new window should go. 

Choose from among 150 stickers to communicate quick and useful notes or add a placeholder for products, materials and features that will be added in the future. 

You can add products and materials, and play with how you think a room or feature should look. You can adjust the size and position of the items and tap the product to reveal more details. Products added to a Sketch will appear in your shopping list for easy checkout on Houzz.

You also can create mood boards and floor plans quickly and easily. From inside Sketch, click New to select from among more than two dozen Sketch canvases.

Or start a Sketch by hovering your mouse over your profile picture in the upper right corner of your browser, as shown here, then selecting Create New Sketch in the drop-down menu.

From your profile page, you can start a Sketch by clicking the Create New Sketch button on the right-hand side, as shown here. 

Save your Sketches to your Houzz ideabooks to share and collaborate with family members, friends and professionals, all of whom can make edits to Sketches at the same time. Push notifications let everyone know when a Sketch has been updated. 

Homeowners and professionals have already created more than 1.5 million Sketches on the Houzz App since the tool was launched last year.