Blogging to Convey a Sense of Place

Business blogging is a marketing tool that many have a hard time wrapping their heads around. Marketing is like art; it comes in many different forms and is intended for a variety of audiences. But every quality marketing campaign and artistic creation has at least one intention: to emote a certain feeling from its audience.  Art takes obvious forms in the music world, on canvas, and in sculpture, but not everyone realizes that words can combine nearly every element of other forms to create emotions and a sense of place. This can be used to great effect in blogging, especially where interior design or real estate are concerned.

While it may seem obvious that poetry and songs contain artful words, business blogging can also significantly create the imagery that can help a company establish a sense of place for its customers.  Take, for example, the Rosewood Hotels, who recently spent a sum of money to revamp its marketing efforts and realign the image that it has in the eyes of potential guests.

Rosewood lives off of its image, and a beautiful picture it is. 

Business blogging for one of the Rosewood Hotels that is slated to open in 2015 in Cambodia called Phnom Penh, is granted an incredible backdrop on which the words can create a vision of the morning sunrises as it brings the day in over Angkor Wat.  Soon, the hotel will be able to welcome its guests to the world that lay hidden and forgotten by the world for hundreds of years. The complex now welcomes visitors, which often arrive as early as 4:30 in the morning to take pictures. This is powerful imagery, and imagery you can use to wow people within your blog posts.

When blogging to describe this property, words will fill the pages of the site depicting the radiant, yet peaceful orange robes of the young monks that will be just a short trip away, and the architecture that has survived wars and centuries.  Temples that the guests can touch will embody the paragraphs that will entice visitors to this luxurious new space.

Guests will not be visiting this area with the mere ideas of luxury and pampering in their heads, however, because this location, like so many other Rosewood Hotels, is built with intention.  It's being created for an experience, that which cannot be derived from any other attempt because this hotel, just as the others, will be living and breathing in an environment that simply cannot be recreated.  Visitors will see the young monks, they will touch the ancient stones and temples, and they will taste the food made on the roadside by Cambodian cooks.

Rosewoods Phnom Penh may be an experience, but it doesn't hurt to look fabulous either.

And before the guests arrive at this hotel, they will already be in love with the experience because business blogging created the lure and demanded an enticing curiosity that will only be satisfied once a person experiences it for him or herself.

It may seem as though hotel chains have an advantage when it comes to business blogging because destinations are sexy, and they lend themselves to beautiful words that magically create imagery as each description unfolds.  This, however, is true for any business and any industry.  Finding the sexy words that make a customer fall in love with a particular business and creating a place in their minds certainly does take a little skill, but it is not anything to be afraid of.

Business blogging isn't about just telling the facts, although they're certainly important.  It's much more about creating an intimate connection with the audience and relating to them in a way that makes them be able to experience the work that has been put into the project. If a reader can make an actual connection with your work, then you will see more potential customers taking notice.

Michael ConwayComment