Blogging Tactics That Attract Design-Build Clients

Blogging is a vital marketing tactic for design-builders and professional remodelers. Construction firms who blog can expect to receive up to 70% more website traffic compared to those that don’t. Blogging doesn’t necessarily have to be done in-house; you can hire a contractor (like us) or freelancer to write the content for you. What is critical is to post articles frequently so that people seeking your services find you online, and your target audience knows where to turn for useful renovation information.

Coming up with fresh ideas is not difficult if you think like a customer.  Knowing what concerns they have regarding the remodeling process is a good place to start. Learn what they're finding challenging and give them the information they need.

Use A Blog To Answer Any One of The Questions, Prospective Clients Have About Construction in a Series of Blog Articles.

Why should a client remodel a home or add an addition?

Discussing the benefits of renovating their current house, as opposed to moving out of a home, is an excellent way to get your audience to recognize a need. As you explain the reasons why someone might want to remodel, the audience will mentally check off whether or not they need a professional remodeler.

Is it time to renovate, add an addition or seek a new home?

In an article similar to the question above, you give indications of when it is necessary to remodel. While reading, your audience is likely going to be ticking off the points in their head and they might come to a problem or point that they recognize is in their home.

Identify and describe great renovation ideas

This could be one blog post, or it could span several articles. In this topic, you should explain the options that are available to a potential client. Highlight work that your firm has done and remember to include high-quality pictures of completed projects in your blog posts. Photographs visually demonstrate the first class work your remodeling company is known for.

Tell prospective remodel clients how to plan before construction

Suggesting methods of how your potential customers can plan their home remodel is an excellent way to start interacting with them and build a relationship. Send them links to websites or magazines to demonstrate where they can gather ideas. A crucial place you could send them would be to your Houzz profile.

How to Pay for a home remodel or kitchen and bath renovation

One of the major concerns that many homeowners have been how they can afford to pay for a home remodel. Put them at ease by explaining how easy it can be to pay for a home remodel as long as they contract a member of the professional remodelers’ community, like you.

How should a prospect find a professional home remodeler?

Again this is a question where you can put worries at rest and demonstrate that you're firm is not afraid of competition (because you are better than most), and you have empathy for the prospects need to feel secure in their choice. Even though prospects have landed on your website, they will want to look at other home remodelers. Tell them where to find professional remodelers online but ensure that you're firm is listed with a high-quality profile at every location you point them to.

What should a renovation client expect during a remodel?

Customer service is an important aspect of hiring, and you should detail what a client can expect from your team. They're unsure if they will be able to use the kitchen or bath. They are concerned about dust. They want to know how change orders are handled. This can be done in several ways, including using case studies on how you completed a previous project or discussing a theoretical remodeling project. Remember to include how you will effectively communicate with your clients so they know they won’t be left in the dark.

Don't forget to add keywords to your blog articles and website pages

There are those that abuse keywords in an attempt to gain top ranking on search engines. Don’t overuse keywords. Search engines can recognize this, use your keyword no more than nine times for every 600 words (or 1.5%) or you could find your website is left dangling close to the bottom.

Professional remodelers should take advantage of the marketing power of blogging. As long as they adhere to the needs of the audience and don’t overuse keywords they will see increased website visitors and more requests for remodeling quotes.