Blogging About Golf Club Amenities Promotes Real Estate Sales

A regularly updated blog is a fantastic way in which real estate agents can generate sales. If the properties you're attempting to sell are within a luxury community, and then there is much more to write about than just the estates! Writing about the amenities of that community, whether it be swimming pools, fitness centers or a golf club, will drive interest and create the sales you're looking for. To generate the best results from your blog, there are a few important rules that agents should follow:

Organization of Blog Content

Not all potential clients are at the same stage in the real estate sales cycle, and marketing is more effective if the material is provided that is more relevant to the reader. Re-organizing the content on your blog (even older material from past years!) into categories that readers with different interests can find quickly is a great way for the agent to achieve better results. A man who has never played golf in his life won't care about the beautiful golf course you have, but he might care about the Olympic swimming pool open 24 hours a day. Make it easy for people to find their interests.

Display an Event Presence

If the real estate sales agent has recently been involved with an event locally, especially if it is to do with the luxury community they're selling in, should be published in the form of an article on the blog. This is an excellent way to show the agent’s recent achievements and build trust with the local community. Trust is essential in gaining word of mouth marketing which increases traffic not only to the agent’s website but also makes potential customers less wary about approaching you for the first time.

There are also several major mistakes that you don't want to make.

Don’t Boast - A blog is only successful if the content that is provided is relevant to what the reader would like to read. Real estate sales are not made because the agent has demonstrated how much they made last month. The best blog topics will be about the community, and what it has to offer. Club amenities can engage an outside audience and push them to give your content a second look, possibly netting you that sale you were looking for.
Don't Release Confidential Material - While building trust between the agent and their client, care must be taken not to release material or information that may be confidential. Blogs can be viewed by anyone and breaking the trust can cost sales. Always be sure to check with your customers if you want to highlight their case; it will save you a lot of potential hassle, and may even flatter them!

Be Professional to your Competitors - Having a strong opinion is critical in a blog post and can do excellent reading. However being disrespectful to a competitor will invite others to do the same to you and will turn future real estate sale potentials away. Real estate is not a mud-slinging competition - leave that to the politicians.

Don't Steal Content! Some agents think that 'borrowing' (i.e. stealing) a competitor's information is an acceptable practice to gain real estate sales, which is why it is one of the most frequently seen missteps of real estate blogging. However, taking content and claiming it as your own from a competitor’s site has associated problems. It looks very unprofessional, and if the opponent finds out, they can take legal action. It can lead to the loss of the agent’s website as well as the loss of their reputation, and it violates the Realtor® Code of Ethics. It is also ineffective in the first place! Google regularly scans content for originality and should it find duplicate material, it can dismiss the website from search results.
Be Consistent

Nothing sells better than reading material over an extended period that has the same underlying messages and concepts. If agents keep the ideas that are close to their heart prevalent in their blog posts, they can push forward the brand image and build trust between agent and client.

Having a high sense of morality is one of the most efficient methods in which an agent can push their real estate sales. Being involved and caring about the community you're working in can lead to the necessary trust being built, especially if the agent takes the time to post articles relating to the relevant amenities.

About Michael Conway

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