Product Photography - Vermont Spirits

I began taking Images Before I could Grow Moustache

Vermont Spirits uses our photography services for their social media marketing, print collateral, and website. We love working with them. At Means-of-Production, we approach photography differently than a lot of our competitors. Our approach comes from a marketer's perspective and with the end user in mind. We believe that more nearly perfect images are better than fewer perfect images. After years of working with a large format camera, strobes, assistants, and stylists all to create 6-8 photographs a day, we've decided the best approach is to consider the "shelf life" of images and create exceptional, nearly perfect images at the rate of 60-80 a day. This abbreviated time frame means that three days of photography enables a social media post every single day for a year and a tremendous amount of visual content for blogs or videos. With ten times the number of images, we always have photographs that are ideal for websites and in print advertisements. We like to keep it interesting, so we're selective about who we work with. We're pretty darn inexpensive, and we don't get hung up on usage or copyright.

With 40 years experience taking photographs that capture a sense of place, the Vermont Spirits Distillery project was a perfect fit. The video below will show how our portraits, studio, and location product photography was used in their marketing.

The images below were taken over two days. The video contains examples of studio photography.