C3M Power Systems, Capitol Heights, Maryland 

C3M Power Systems is a subsidiary of the $4 billion-per-year Clark Construction Group. This was the second website built by Means-of-Production for Clark Construction. The first being the website for the Kansas City International Airport. C3M’s core business is to construct, recondition, and support electrical systems for railways, airports, highways, and utilities throughout the United States.

This site was built to replace the companies older single page website with an updated site that more accurately reflects the firm's capabilities. Twitter posts and blog articles feed to content areas on pages to ensure a dynamic look. The service page lists the core capabilities. Each listing links to a content area further down the page to eliminate the need to scroll.

Website Design Features

  • Side Navigation On Internal Pages

  • Scrolling Homepage Gallery

  • Scrollable Portfolio Galleries by Room

  • Emphasis on Community Involvement

  • Residential Construction Finance Page

  • Road Signage on Contact Page

Michael’s expertise in Squarespace enabled us to create a clear, concise, visually appealing site that is easy to update and maintain. His technical expertise helped us to overcome design challenges and ensure we are on par with current internet best practices, and his prompt responses to our requests kept our project on track. Oftentimes, we worked with Michael in real-time, so that we could immediately see our design options and discuss the best solution - a truly collaborative effort. Once our site was finished, Michael patiently and thoroughly trained us on how to make edits and changes in-house. Michael’s skills and service are exactly what we needed to successfully build and launch our site.
— Eileen Brown, Communications Specialist, Clark Construction Group

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