MailChimp Email Marketing Pricing

✫ MailChimp Service Cost

The following services require a paid MailChimp subscription. The cost for MailChimp services is based on the quantity of contacts you have on your list. Pricing starts at $10 per month for up to 500 contacts. Our typical client spends $20-$30 per month for a list that contains between 100 and 2500 contacts. Click here for the MailChimp website.

Contact List Reconfirmation - $440 + (based on list size)

A cleaned contact list will ensure your firm is not blacklisted for SPAM complaints and will save you money by eliminating contacts that will likely never become clients. Contact list reconfirmation is needed because contact’s constantly degrade. People change jobs, loose interest and set up unchecked free accounts for discounts and download sign-up forms. If your list is older and has not received an email in a year, a full 25% of them on average are unreachable. Stop paying for contacts that harm your brand and cost your firm money by eliminating them from your list. Reconfirming your contact list is a process of eliminating bad emails and unresponsive contacts from your list. The process involves emailing your contact list from a free email service like Gmail and requesting reconfirmation by sending them to a form and requesting a submission. The cost for contact list reconfirmation is $440.

✫ Blog RSS To Email Posting - $840 ( a one time cost)

If you are writing blogs, it only makes sense to increase the value of your articles by sending them to your contact list. The cost to set up MailChimp, design a template and create a Blog RSS to Email campaign that automatically sends blog articles to your opt-in subscriber list will cost $840.00 It’s a one time cost that helps your firm stay top-of-mind with prospects and existing clients, attract new leads, and maximize the ROI on blog writing.

✫ E-Newsletters - $110 + (based on services needed)

Our monthly email newsletter services requires an initial template design and cleaned subscriber opt-in contact list. An email newsletter template helps you keep your company recognizable through brand consistency. A cleaned contact list ensures email delivery to contacts interested in your services and prevents SPAM complaints and potential black listing.

We create e-newsletters using client provided, email ready content or by copywriting and editing dictation and images. Monthly e-newsletter copy, written based on dictated content from our clients provides us with the ideas you would like to communicate without the need to devote a lot of valuable time to the process. Simply open Google Docs or MS Word choose dictation and tell us what you want your newsletter to say, send us the doc and we will do the rest. Once we have your copy, the email is built on your design template, using provided images or photographs from your website and scheduled for delivery to your list. The following are our service options.

  • MailChimp email template design with up to three design revisions - $330.

  • Email newsletter created using finalized client provided content - $110.

  • Email newsletter created using dictated content and finalized images - $220.

  • Email newsletter created using dictated content with image editing and sizing - $275.

✫ Marketing Automation - $880 + (based on services needed)

We build MailChimp automated marketing campaigns on Squarespace websites that will convert website visitors to contacts. This service requires a downloadable guide or lead magnet, landing page with form and a minimum of eight drip marketing emails. All of theses items work together as the conversion segment of your on site lead generation funnel. If you’re looking to attract new visitors to your site to feed your conversion funnel, view our blog writing services page.

Calls To Action are graphic elements that are placed on blog articles. They encourage readers to download your lead magnet and are linked to ta landing page. We create call to actions using Canva. Call To Actions Cost $110.

Lead magnets are PDF’s made available as downloadable guides on your website. They are use to entice website visitors to exchange their contact information for a printable document that helps them better understand your services. Examples include but are not limited too, “The Cost of A Kitchen Remodel” A Guide To Master Bathroom Floor Plans” or “How To Finance a Home Remodeling Project”. Lead magnets are designed in Canva and provided as a branded design in a compressed .pdf format. Lead magnets pricing is based on the length of the document. A single page lead magnet can cost as little as $220. Lengthy lead magnets require a conversation to determine an exact price but 2200 word document costs approximately $440.

Landing pages are where the transaction of contact information for a lead magnet takes place. This is the page that contains a description of the lead magnet and a form. Landing pages can be on your Squarespace website with cover pages, regular pages with a bit of code, pop-ups and third party providers like Lead Pages. Landing pages built on Squarespace cost $220.

Thank you pages are where the contact is taken once they fill out the form on the landing page. The thank you page is where the lead magnet can be downloaded. They are built on Squarespace regular pages. Thank you pages cost $110.

Drip marketing emails are the emails that go to the contact after receiving their contact information. The topics of these emails should support the topic of your lead magnet and they should encourage the reader to take the next step in your sales funnel. Drip emails are sold in as a group of eight for $880.