Radio Broadcast Advertising

National Public Radio Sponsorships - We've had client success using radio sponsorships on local NPR stations. It is a first class advertising channel for architectural, interior design, landscape and design-build firms seeking an audience of educated, high-net-worth prospects. The cost of advertising on local NPR stations can vary depending on the market but in general it is expensive. Consequently, we only recommend broadcast advertising once your website has enough content to be easily found in search engines for the services you provide.  A review of your website will allow us to determine if your firm is ready to invest in broadcast advertising. Click here to schedule a free website and online marketing review. 

The following are statistics gathered from a sponsorship survey by Lightspeed Research.

  • 72% of NPR listeners hold a more positive opinion of companies that support NPR

  • 86% of NPR listeners consider NPR "personally important" to them

  • 86% of NPR podcast listeners hold a more positive opinion of companies that support NPR

  • 78% of users prefer to buy products or services from NPR sponsors

  • 95% of NPR listeners take action in response to something heard on NPR

When opting for a corporate sponsorship we want to track the results of the investment of your advertising budget. To do this we create a landing page with tracking code that will tell us if people are hearing the message and going to the website. The page will have your firm's domain name followed by /NPR. We will use this as part of the messaging in the spot.

+Download the NPR Guide to Sponsorships

Public Broadcasting System Sponsorships - Local corporate sponsorships on PBS member stations are for those firms who have had success.  The cost of television broadcasting can be prohibitive but for built environment firms  seeking to grow their business and convey their brand to a wealthy educated audience, it is a good choice as part of a multi-channel marketing effort. Overspending on any single channel - print media, direct mail, radio or online is ineffective. Allocating budget from these channels and investing in a sponsorship may make sense.  If a PBS sponsorship may be in your future, contact us and we will happily perform a media buy audit and offer our recommendations. 

  • PBS viewers are nearly 3x more likely to believe PBS sponsors are more committed to quality and excellence than advertisers on cable or broadcast

  • PBS viewers pay attention to sponsor messages on PBS 3x more than advertisements on broadcast or cable

  • 81% viewers agree that PBS is selective about the businesses and products that can advertise on PBS

  • 76% PBS viewers agree sponsors are committed to quality and excellence

  • 68% agree PBS sponsors create compelling advertising that is better than ads on other networks

+Download the WGBH Media Kit. This media kit is for the Boston market and is provided as an example. Your local NPR station will be different. In this media kit you will find information on all of the broadcast sponsorship opportunities they make available.